Interior Design New Year's Resolutions for Homeowners

Marcello Luzi of Weixler Peterson Luzi
Marcello Luzi of Weixler Peterson Luzi

The beginning of a new year can get you inspired to make changes or to do things differently. This year, show your home some TLC by making simple New Year’s resolutions to whip it into tip-top shape.


Marcello Luzi, Managing Partner at the award winning interior design firm Weixler Peterson Luzi, offers five resolutions for 2014 and how to achieve them:


1.     Donate everything that you have not used in the past year.  Starting January 1st, go through one room per day and pick up each item and think about the last time you’ve used it. “You will be amazed how many things you just don’t need,” said Luzi. “If you want to get organized, this the best way to do it.”


2.     Replace or repurpose one piece of furniture in your home. “It is always fun buying new things for your home, but what’s even more special, is redesigning something old for a new purpose,” Luzi explains.


3.     Bring out one heirloom or antique and display it. There is something special about displaying pieces from your past. Whether it’s an accessory you purchased at an auction or something that was passed down to you, bring it to the forefront. This will make a great conversation piece and remind you of where you come from.


4.     Update your guest bathroom. “Make this a priority in the new year,” said Luzi.  “You will not only feel accomplished, but will encourage you to invite company over to celebrate with.”






5.     Do one thing to improve your favorite room in the house. Just when you think you love your favorite room enough, go the extra mile and add that lamp that you have been eyeing. “It’s OK to splurge on your favorite space,” explains Luzi.


Luzi is a graduate of the Interior Design department of the Art Institute of Philadelphia following undergraduate study in Finance at Drexel University. He is certified under the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ); he also has helped write exam questions and acted as NCIDQ exam chairman. After serving as the chapter treasurer and president for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Pennsylvania East Chapter, Luzi was a national spokesman for ASID.  He is currently residing in the western suburbs of the Main Line with his two Chihuahuas, Louis and Francois.


About Weixler Peterson Luzi


Weixler Peterson Luzi is an interior design firm based in the Philadelphia region with projects ranging in scope from small scale residential to large estates and commercial projects. The firm has been engaged by clients locally, nationally and internationally to design spaces across a broad range of decorative styles. The firm has been featured not just in local publications, but in national too, including Architectural Digest and  For more information about Weixler Peterson Luzi, please visit www.WPLinc.com


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