PhillyMag: Bala Cynwyd Wawa has Worst Parking Lot in Philly Area

A big thumbs down goes to the parking situation at the popular conveinence store

A Bala Cynwyd Wawa has earned the number one spot on a writer's list, but not the kind you would want to brag about.


According to an article by freelance writer Jen A. Miller that appeared on PhillyMag.com earlier this month the parking lot of the Bala Cynwyd Wawa at 193 Belmont Ave. (near Route 76's Belmont off ramp and a main thoroughfare to those going in and out of Manayunk) is the worst in the Philly area. 


It should be immediately noted that in her review Miller-a New Jersey native and self-espoused Wawa lover-does not include "super Wawas with gas pumps" but only "the old, original Wawas". 


Miller describes the Bala Cynwyd Wawa lot as "an abomination" in her write-up, and warns the readers of perils including a telephone pole and motorist using unmarked parking spots which can put a tight squeeze on those who park in the marked spots.


Rounding out the Top (or should we say bottom) 5 are 2: Sea Isle, New Jersey; 3: Headhouse Square in Philadelphia (near 2nd and Lombard), 4: South Philly at Columbus Blvd.; 5: Audubon, NJ.


The PhillyMag.com article also offers a poll to readers asking them to add their own two cents in to the mix. As of Dec. 16 the Bala Cynwyd Wawa garnered 35 percent of the vote, second only to the 'Some other Wawa' option, which netted 40 percent of the votes.


Read the complete article here: http://www.phillymag.com/news/2013/12/06/5-worst-wawa-parking-lots-philly-area/#more-1904951



Is parking at this Bala Cynwyd Wawa as bad as Miller says? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.


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