Power Outages Continue for at Least 90,000

More than four days after a devastating ice storm struck the region, some 93,000 people remain without power.

PECO's current outage map, as of Saturday night.
PECO's current outage map, as of Saturday night.

More than four days after a devastating ice storm struck the region, some 93,000 people remain without power.

PECO has restored power to hundreds of thousands of people — this storm was a record-breaker for the utility company, with the most people without power ever in a winter storm — but nearly 100,000 are still in the dark, with temperatures again expected to be in the teens overnight.

The region’s remaining outage breakdown, according to PECO:

• Bucks County = 20,000
• Chester County = 41,000
• Delaware County = 5,000
• Montgomery County = 24,000
• Philadelphia County = 1,000

A number of people have complained that PECO is changing the estimated times that service will be restored. 

State Rep. Warren Kampf (R-157th) addressed those concerns in an e-mail to constituents Saturday night, saying, “I am disappointed, as I know many of you are, that the estimated time of restoration process has not turned out to be accurate in many cases. Thousands in this district were told last evening they would be restored, and that has not happened. I think as many as 4,000 customers expected restoration, and as of this morning it had not happened. I know many restorations have occurred based on the reports of our constituents since that time, but we are not where they predicted we would be.”

PECO says it has 5,700 people working on power restoration, but continues to caution that “some customers in the most heavily damaged areas will be without service into early next week.”

“We will continue to work around the clock with all personnel focused on storm response,” PECO said in a note to customers.

Contact PECO about an outage here or by calling 1-800-841-4141.

Reza February 09, 2014 at 03:32 PM
My home is in Bala Cynwyd and we lost power since Wednesday, 2/5/2014. We live in a hotel near Pottstown since Friday. I check the status of my outage report on PECO website and I have seen following report every day: “Status: We are aware of an outage in your area impacting service to 56 customer(s). As of 7:55 AM EST on 2/9/2014 we are working to restore your service as quickly and safely as possible. Severe weather has interrupted your service. We currently estimate your service will be restored by 11:00 PM EST on 2/9/2014. Additional information regarding your outage will be provided as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.” I noticed following patterns: • The time in “As of 7:55 AM EST…) is always 5 minutes before the current time! (5 minutes before the exact time of checking PECO website!) • The date in “…by 11:00 PM EST on 2/9/2014.” Is the date of checking PECO website! It was 2/5/2014 on Wednesday, then 2/6/2014 on Thursday, …., and it is 2/9/2014 on Sunday! This way of outage status reporting shows PECO does not cares about their customers. I was wondering why it took so long to fix the power lines. I had to go out last night, around 10:00pm, and saw more than 20 utility trucks parked by Quality inn hotel in Pottstown (61 West King Street, Pottstown, PA, 19464). Now, I know why it takes so long to fix these power lines: They do not work over night!! I am going to take some photos of parked trucks and publish them on internet tonight. Even in the rural areas of India, people receive better service from power companies.


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