VIDEO: Todd Marrone’s Memory Honored At Welsh Valley Middle School

Family, colleagues, students and friends gather to celebrate a life lived with gusto.

The auditorium of Welsh Valley Middle School filled to capacity for the memorial of Todd Marrone.  Photo credit: Justin Finneran/Patch
The auditorium of Welsh Valley Middle School filled to capacity for the memorial of Todd Marrone. Photo credit: Justin Finneran/Patch

The auditorium of Welsh Valley Middle School was filled to capacity on Dec. 30 as hundreds of people came out in a show of respect and love for the late Todd Marrone, a beloved Welsh Valley Art teacher who passed away on Christmas Day.


Kevin Ginsberg, a co-worker and friend of Todd Marrone – clad in a t-shirt featuring one of Marrone’s designs – offered the memorial’s opening remarks.


“This room is full of family, friends and colleagues.  Those who inspired Todd, those who were inspired by Todd, (and the latter) probably outnumbers the former.”


Marrone’s uncle Tony La Salle, himself an artist and teacher, was the first to speak.

“Like each of you, I am grateful for those genius conversations I had with Todd Marrone. Now, every time I think of him, I will remember how he saw in each of us an artist with so much to share,” said La Salle


Darrin Sunday, a longtime friend of Marrone’s, lifted the spirits of all in attendance with a hilarious childhood tale of how Marrone squirted a nosy passerby with windshield washer fluid as they waited inside Marrone’s mother’s car.


“We screwed around so much – we just loved being silly, witty, sarcastic, smiling… …  we were different to the outsiders, we were brothers… …while people loved him for his art I was just proud of him… … he loved (his family), he loved life, I know he loved me, and he was my best friend and I’m going to miss him like crazy,” Sunday said.


“Everyone knew Todd Marrone as hilarious and thoughtful and as an inspiration,” said Cassie Seltzer, a former student of Marrone’s. “...What he did – he took people and showed them what they could do and what they should do and who they could become, and he really believed in everyone… … if I had to sum Todd Marrone up in two words it would be ‘He Cared’, everyone felt it no matter how long they’d known him and no matter how close they were.”


Heather Marrone, Todd Marrone’s wife, while only speaking briefly, offered appreciation for the support that her family has received.  


“A good friend recently said to me, ‘I know you are scared, but don’t be. Todd created an army and you are protected’. So, to everyone in my army I just want to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.”


To read a 2012 biographical article on Todd Marrone from Patch click HERE.


Todd Marronne was, among many things, a prolific artist - to find out more about what Todd Marrone gave in his time with us visit his website, his Facebook page, his Instagram account and his Twitter page. You can also hear Todd on the UsedWigs Radio podcast.


A scholarship fund for Todd and Heather Marrone’s children, Rocco and Matilda, has been established. Donations can be made to The Rocco and Matilda Marrone Scholarship Fund in care of:
Lower Merion Education Association
306 Parsons Avenue
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


An online fundraising effort has also been created for the Marrone family. Those wishing to find out more about the fundraisers can visit the link below:

 Support the Marrone Family: http://www.gofundme.com/5y2ha8



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