ERSA Court Reporters Achieves Business Continuity and Manages Costs with Broadview Networks

ERSA Court Reporters, a legal services company based in Center City, recently selected Broadview Networks to upgrade its communications. ERSA selected Broadview, the leading provider of cloud-based business communications services, for its award-winning cloud-based business phone system, OfficeSuite®. ERSA provides a comprehensive portfolio of legal services, including transcription, indexing, digital video and playback services, video conferencing, mobile and in-house conferencing, and audiotape transcription services. ERSA began to search for a better business communications solution after they experienced difficulty connecting with customers during inclement weather and other unexpected emergency situations. ERSA’s President, Laura Grosso, had also become frustrated with the extra charges that appeared on their maintenance contract and was not satisfied with the levels of service or support they were receiving. After careful research and analysis, Grosso and her team chose Broadview’s OfficeSuite® as a key part of the solution to ensure that ERSA had a complete business continuity and disaster avoidance plan in place. The introduction of OfficeSuite® to ERSA’s business model has also since proven to be a major factor in cost control and maintaining the connection to clients during inclement weather and similar events to reduce revenue loss. OfficeSuite® allows businesses to redirect calls to other offices, mobile phones and home phones with the click of a button via Broadview’s intuitive website. It also allows employees to use any phone at any office while maintaining their own extensions and personal preferences, including voicemail.

“Customer service is what matters to our clients,” said Grosso. “OfficeSuite makes everything very seamless—clients don’t know when our office is physically closed. We were very impressed that Broadview kept its customers up and running, even during Hurricane Sandy. Having a system like OfficeSuite is invaluable.”


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