Fitness Experts Ready For 'March Into Wellness'

Bala Cynwyd resident Linda Sullivan will discuss the mind and body.

Looking for that healthy exercise or treatment option that's right for you?  hosts its "March Into Wellness" day March 24, and will offer a variety of fitness and health experts from throughout the area.

Located in the Manayunk-Roxborough area, the events will provide an opportunity for people to receive a day of free wellness instruction and free treatments from a variety of practitioners. Whether you live in Narberth or Chestnut Hill, or anywhere in between, this event is the area's must-attend for health. 

Below is a breakdown of the experts speaking March 24.

Early Morning Stretches

The day will begin with a morning stretch lead by Planet Fitness from Ardmore.  has a myriad of benefits, but is often neglected in our culture. Stretching is fantastic for pain relief, flexibility, strength, and agility. When I go too long without doing my daily stretches or yoga, I find that my daily aches and pains increase. Whether the pains are from weight lifting and aerobic exercise, or signs of aging like arthritis, stretching is extremely helpful in pain reduction. 

Linda Sullivan, of Bala Cynwyd, will get the workshops started with a discussion about mind-body wellness. She has a unique combination of educational backgrounds as she is both a psychotherapist and mind-body practitioner. Though the term “mind-body” is becoming more mainstreamed in our culture, many people fail to see the one-ness of the mind and body. So when, for example, someone shortchanges his or herself of sleep, there are many bodily functions that may be negatively impacted, from heart to toes. But psychological issues may manifest, as well. Even slight sleep deprivation can have effects on the brain that mimic depression.  

This kind of knowledge can be quite helpful when someone is feeling depressed.  Perhaps the circumstances of their lives are truly overwhelming. Perhaps there is a chemistry malfunction in their brain. Or, perhaps they are not giving their brains and bodies enough proper nutrition and sleep to function optimally. Linda’s perspective to the whole person wellness, while having specialized training in the area of the mind science should provide for excellent counseling experience and medical advise, all wrapped into one.

RowZone fitness from Manayunk will offer a training session. Rowing is an excellent no-impact, cardiovascular exercise that builds muscle, burns fat, and can be a lot of fun. It also won the .

Talking Points 

Three practitioners from the Wellness center will be giving workshops during the day. Ari Lenchner, an acupuncturist and nutritional expert will discuss weight loss and the health benefits of it. Acupuncturist David Schiman of Roxborough Community Acupuncture will discuss the benefits of . And, chiropractor Bill Pezzello of Lyceum Physical Medicine will engage the attendants in a discussion on neck and back pain.  

Dr. Randi Shane is a doctorate naturopathic medicine based in Berwyn. She has focused her attention on the area of cancer, and will be speaking on the effects of nutrition on cancer (prevention and remedy). Naturopathy is an approach to medicine that, like many other holistic practices, looks to nature and the power of the body itself for healing; leaving things like pharmaceuticals and surgery for last resorts. Whether one ascribes to the tenants of naturopathy or not, the discussion should provide excellent education about how what we eat effects our bodies positively or negatively in a medical way.

Many people recognize both fitness and . But did you know that yoga can also be used therapeutically? Theresa Conroy of Yoga on the Ridge will host a workshop about the power of yoga in a wide arena of applications. The body holds toxins and energy from our psychological states.  A yoga therapist is trained to work with the body in such a way as to help it release psychological stress stored in muscle and fat tissue as things like cortisol and folic acid. When long periods of stretch can release stress hormones and other negative energy.  

Many people feel stuck, even after intense self-analysis. And many know what they ought to think and do but feel unable to do so. This is often because the body is holding toxins in very specific locations related to that topic. Therapies like yoga therapy, various energy work, and acupuncture can release these toxins, yielding psychological benefit.

This Author Speaks

On a related note, I will be discussing mind-body connections relevant to counseling. Sometimes a person will engage in counseling for years, and still feel “stuck” even though they know their issues backwards and forwards and inside-out. Why do we remain stuck when we have so much knowledge? That’s where mind-body connections come in. Pairing bodywork (in which ever form suits your preference) with counseling, can have powerful outcomes. 

Finally, Dr. Josephine DePalma of Chestnut Hill will be discussing issues related to and ankles. Feet are not just for walking. Did you know that nerves connected to every part of your body end in your feet and hands? No wonder when your feet hurt, your whole body aches. 

The March Into Wellness Fair runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 24. Call 215-508-5555 for more details. The Lyceum Wellness Center is located at 445 Lyceum Ave. in Roxborough.  


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