Drinking While Pregnant: Would You Risk It?

Some recent research is indicating that is may not be so terrible if a pregnant woman consumes alcohol while pregnant. What do you think?


Drinking alcohol while pregnant has been pretty much taboo in recent decades. Yet, a series of 2012 studies conducted in Denmark may be indicating that a little sip of wine - or perhaps even a whole glass - during pregnancy could be OK. Howevery, the results of the studies are far from definitive and surely don't help mothers-to-be draw the line between what's safe and what's not.

When I was pregnant, I didn't want to take any risks and I made sure not to even have a sip of wine. I have friends who drank a glass here or there while pregnant and their children appear to be just as happy and healthy as my own.

What are your thoughts about drinking alcohol during pregnancy? Share your thoughs in the comments area below.

Kimberly January 21, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Dr. Frank's statements are crystal clear to me. People are misinterpreting and jumping to hasty, thoughtless conclusions about his comments. If you would bother to carefully read and think his comments through, closer, and quit taking things out of context, then maybe you wouldn't be so disturbed. His comments aren't disturbing or absurd; it's the blatant inaccuracy of your (mis)interpretation that is. You're drawing implications that aren't there. He is actually advising AGAINST mothers of unborn children consuming *any* amount of alcohol but just stating that not every baby born to a mother who consumed small amounts of alcohol/alcohol in moderation during pregnancy with that child will definitely have problems as a result and so people should not assume that. That is not to say that she should go out and give it a try just because it may not cause damage. To say something may not cause severe damage is not necessarily to recommend it. Severe alcohol abuse all throughout every stage of pregnancy is likely to cause severe damage, probably more than just one single sip would but that doesn't mean someone should even take that sip or that one sip is necessarily always or ever safe for a child in the earliest stages of human development (or any child) just because it may be "safer" than something else.
Kimberly January 21, 2013 at 11:10 PM
I completely agree no alcohol at all should be consumed while pregnant, as everything the girl consumes pervades her child's system as well; it's not worth the risk and no child should have alcohol anyway, not even a quick sip; that law, in my opinion, should not be expunged in this case merely because the child is pre-born. But when a woman is addicted to alcohol or other drugs before pregnancy and then she happens to become pregnant she may not always be able to abruptly stop the consumption of the drugs, upon discovering that she is pregnant even if she wants to so desperately for the sake of her child. A severely addicted person cannot usually just magically snap out of addiction and bring drug use to a sudden halt no matter how strong the desire is to stop; that's not selfish, it's because of the bondage addiction has over people and addicted parents can still love and care for their children and should not be regarded with hostility and contempt over a decision or mistake that eventually contributed to or led to addiction and seeking help is not always easy and recovery does not always happen quickly or easily; it's a lot of hard work even though it is worth it.
Kimberly January 21, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Gee whiz, you people have the tendency to be so uncivilized. Unnecessary speculation, derogatory remarks, false claims, unwarranted criticism, aspersive comments... Making extremely negative and judgmental comments when you have no true evidence to back up your ludicrous accusations. You just want to resort to insults. Why handle things in that manner? Your vitriolic comments, very likely, will not win anyone over to your way of thinking. You may want to reconsider your attitude. Or not. Your choice.
Gerald January 22, 2013 at 04:41 PM
The advise has been anything other than clear. He stated that a "moderation" should be used and then described how much might be ingested as being probably safe. Called on it -- he said none should be used and he botched established research. There is no safe amount known -- no safe quantity -- at any time during pregnancy. To suggest otherwise is to be at 100% odd with all findings and policies of ACOG on this matter. It is the height of irresponsibility to advise as he did, trying to smooth it over when he all but fully recanted compounds his error as you join in that muddled chorus. Nothing was taken out of context, he was taken at his word and those words are dangerous -- especially when adding an irrelevant PHD to the discussion. I live with this issue every day, I understand the terrible harm that can be done.
Gerald January 22, 2013 at 04:43 PM
Good grief, physician heal thyself...


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