Share Your Traffic Gripes and Kudos

How could things improve in your corner of Narberth, Bala Cynwyd, Belmont Hills or Penn Valley?

Any neighborhood, no matter how idyllic, can be plagued with occasional (or constant) parking and traffic problems.

Narberth-Bala Cynwyd Patch wants to hear about any issues specific to where you live or work, including:

  • traffic volume
  • confusing intersections or signage
  • potholes
  • chronic speeding
  • insufficient parking availability

At Tuesday night's meeting of the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd, for instance, several members discussed how sometimes when funeral processions line the streets near the , and cemeteries, residents' cars are blocked in their driveways.

Or if you've seen improvements you're pleased about, let us know that, too. Officials are pursuing the in the City Avenue corridor; are you encouraged by this?

So no matter your issue, use the comments section below to tell your fellow Patch readers. And if you've got photo evidence, click the "upload" button to show us what you mean.

Lproz June 14, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Following up on Kate Galer's blog in the Ardmore Patch, traffic would be decreased with installation of sidewalks around schools! People would walk more, less bus congestion and traffic.
matthew scott harris June 17, 2012 at 02:43 AM
DANGEROUS INTERSECTION - A DEATH TRAP! me home nestled in the quick as a cricket skip to city line off a street named woodbine yet with clenched jaw, gritted teeth, latched hands on wheel like a bad arse boss i frequently cross the four way stop where bryn mawr and woodbine cross yet without fail countless vehicles arrive at that frightful intersection where loss of live a constant fear - most unlikely during the horse & buggy days when moss covered this stretch at what comprised a country lane and now fear for life & limb that a deadly crash will claim innocent lives when jeer emanates from grim reaper who rules like king lear of the underworld, yet installation of traffic signals i swear the solution that must take place before one automobile doth veer into another inducing survivors (perhaps foreigners) sadness to wear from::matthew scott harris in his deux score and third year!
Harry K June 23, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Making a left turn from Haverford Ave. onto Montgomery Ave. is virtually impossible during AM and PM drive times. I've seen cars lined up 10 or 12 deep waiting for the lead car to make that left. Why isn't there a light there?


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