Drunken Man Confronts Officers in Belmont Hills, Police Say

The resident was charged with terroristic threats.

A 45-year-old Belmont Hills man was arrested and charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats Saturday night near La Collina in Belmont Hills after police deployed a taser gun on him repeatedly to subdue him, Lower Merion police said at a Monday briefing.

Police first responded to the 100 block of School Street in Belmont Hills for a 911 call placed by a woman who said her 45-year-old son was very agitated and had consumed alcohol, then left the house.

Police shortly thereafter received a second 911 call from La Collina and responded on report of a man who was shouting obscenities in front of the restaurant. The agitated man at La Collina matched the description of the man from the first 911 call, according to the police report.

At La Collina, police made contact with the angry man and told him to get down on the ground; the man ignored multiple commands by police and challenged police verbally, according to the report.

After police told the man to get on the ground, the man kept walking toward an officer and the officer deployed his taser gun, police said. Undeterred, the man turned and walked toward a second police officer, who deployed a second taser gun, which brought the man to the ground, police said. The man still refused to comply with police and a taser gun was again deployed, at which point the man was taken into custody, according to the report.


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