Health Inspections in Early January

Bala Cynwyd, Penn Valley and Belmont Hills facilities were inspected.

The Montgomery County Health Department conducted inspections on 11 facilities in early January in the Narberth-Bala Cynwyd Patch area.

Below is each facility's name as well as the date of its inspection, which includes the health department's report. Also listed is each facility's number of violations, out of 54 categories; the reports contain details on the violations.

  • Sushi Avenue (at Acme), Bala Cynwyd: 1/3/2013 (1 violation)
  • La Collina, Belmont Hills: 1/10/2013 (4 violations)
  • 7-Eleven, Bala Cynwyd: 1/9/2013 (2 violations)
  • Starbucks, Bala Cynwyd: 1/10/2013 (no violations)
  • Mainline Health Food International, Bala Cynwyd: 1/4/2013 (2 violations)
  • Mama's Pizzeria, Bala Cynwyd: 1/10/2013 (2 violations)
  • Manny's Place, Bala Cynwyd: 1/10/2013 (4 violations)
  • Sophie's Deli Corner Restaurant, Bala Cynwyd: 1/3/2013 (7 violations)
  • Flap Jack, Bala Cynwyd: 1/9/2013 (8 violations)
  • Sunoco, Belmont Hills: 1/4/2013 (no violations)
  • Ginza, Penn Valley: 1/10/2013 (3 violations)


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