Man Who Robbed Lower Merion Restaurant Sentenced to 15–30 Years

Philadelphia man was part of armed group that robbed Hymie's Merion Delicatessen in 2012.

Michael Schaefer is one of four men who robbed Hymie's Deli in 2012.
Michael Schaefer is one of four men who robbed Hymie's Deli in 2012.

One of the four men who robbed Hymie's Merion Delicatessen at 342 Montgomery Avenue in Lower Merion in 2012 has been sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison, according to the Times Herald.

According to court documents, Michael Schaefer, 42, of Philadelphia, was among four men-three of which were carrying firearms-who entered the Montgomery Avenue restaurant on the evening of July 12, 2012, in an attempt to gain access to the business' safe but left instead with approximately $2000 in cash from the restaurant's cash registers and personal belongs of customers, reports the Times Herald.

Schaefer, who is also awaiting trial for a 2011 burglary in Philadelphia, has been arrested multiple times in multiple states, and was sentenced to eight years in prison in 1999 for his involvement in an armed bank robbery of a Philadelphia bank, reports the Times Herald.

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