Area Votes: House Would Halt County Reassessments

An account of legislative votes in the General Assembly.

The state House voted last week on an amendment that would both encourage area governments to more heavily consider local companies and American-made products during public-private transportation projects and allow for potential fees to be imposed on such projects.

Under the House-approved amendment, public authorities “shall give substantial weight and priority” to the following when considering contractors for proposed projects:

  • committing to using American-made construction materials
  • committing to using Pennsylvania-made steel
  • the principal place of business is in the United States
  • the principal place of business is in Pennsylvania
  • the business has or will create physical presence in the state  

The amendment also allows for the possibility of user fees to be imposed on such public-private transportation projects.

View the bill here.

The House also voted on a proposed moratorium of court-ordered countywide property reassessments, saying in the proposed legislation that “the method of property tax assessments in this Commonwealth is fragmented and in need of reform,” and proposing to halt any further countywide reassessments until “the general assembly has enacted legislations to address [the issue].”

See how area lawmakers voted below:

House of Representatives: 

HB 3 PN 3114, an act amending the Transportation section of the state’s consolidated statues, providing for public-private transportation partnerships, was approved in the house by a 128 to 63 vote.

No: Pamela DeLissio (D-194)
Yes: Michael Gerber (D-148)

HB 2137, an act providing for a temporary moratorium of court-ordered countywide reassessments, was approved by the house in a 190 to 0 vote. 

Yes: Pamela DeLissio (D-194) and Michael Gerber (D-148)


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