Area Votes: Metal Theft Can Be a Felony

An account of legislative votes in the General Assembly.

Area lawmakers in Harrisburg voted on two separate bills further establishing the definitions and punishments for crimes during sessions taking place the week of Feb 6.

The Senate approved an amendment that further defines when and how businesses that sell alcohol should handle identification they believe to be fake, while the House approved an amendment that establishes theft of secondary metals, like copper and aluminum, as a felony if is enough is stolen.

Elsewhere, the House approved an act that will create an online portal to assist businesses in completing forms, licenses and permits in an attempt to stimulate and ease the creation of new businesses in the State.

Check the list below to see what else happened in Harrisburg and how the area’s lawmakers voted.


SB 117: Amending title 18, the Crimes and Offenses section of state statutes, the Senate approved this amendment that states employees of places that sell alcohol can confiscate identification they suspect to be fake only after electronically scanning the ID. The bill, which passed in a 48-to-1 vote on Feb. 6, also states that confiscated IDs must be submitted to local police within 48 hours.

  • Yes: Daylin Leach (D-17)

SB 405: The Senate voted “yes” on this amendment to the Local Tax Enabling Act, establishing that businesses that have “bases of operations” in more than one municipality can only be taxed on the business that takes place in that specific municipality. The amendment passed 34-to-16 on Feb 8.

  • No: Daylin Leach (D-17)


House of Representatives:

HB 2032: An act that defines and establishes the punishments for the theft of “secondary metals,” like copper, aluminum, wire and other metals with recycling value, the House passed this measure in a 192-to-3 vote on Feb 8.

  • Yes: Tim Briggs (D-149), Pamela DeLissio (D-194) and Michael Gerber (D-148)

HB 1950: This amendment to existing Oil and Gas statutes establishes instructions and conditions for an unconventional gas well fee, defined as a hole drilled for the purpose of producing natural gas from shale beds. The bill passed the house in a 101-to-90 vote.

  • No: Tim Briggs (D-149), Pamela DeLissio (D-194) and Michael Gerber (D-148)

HB: 2022: The House passed this act that creates the “Pennsylvania Business Permitting Portal,” an online service that aims to assist businesses in securing permits, licenses, certifications and applications needed to operate in the commonwealth in a nearly unanimous 193-to-0 vote with three representatives on leave.

  • Yes: Tim Briggs (D-149), Pamela DeLissio (D-194) and Michael Gerber (D-148)


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