Castor Still Eyeing a Run At Governor

Don't count the county commissioner out just yet.

As Patch previously reported, Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor is still undecided on whether to run or not in the 2014 Pennsylvania governor race. Castor's run against current Republican Gov. Tom Corbett once before, and it is unclear if he'll make a run in the coming year's primary.

According to TribLive.com, Castor may want a rematch of the 2004 attorney general primaries. Castor told the Trib "he doesn't want the GOP to repeat the mistake it made in 2006 by backing then-Sen. Rick Santorum for re-election."

"Castor, 51, called Corbett a 'ham-handed' politician who has failed to deliver on a conservative agenda," said the Trib. "He said Corbett blew his opportunity to push through conservative priorities, such as a right-to-work law, early in his term when his popularity was at its height and Republican majorities controlled the Legislature."

For the full story on the Trib, visit the link here.


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