Lower Merion Roads/Schools/Gov't Update

Twp. Public Works Director offers info on the road crews and street clearings

Here are the need to knows about how weather is affecting Lower Merion Township


According to a winter storm update that Township Commissioner Brian McGuire emailed to Ward 13 residents just after 9:20 p.m. on Jan. 21, Township Public Works director Don Cannon accounted the following about the state of the roads in the township:


The township is behind where we'd like to be 12 hours after the start of a winter storm.  Our crews are still concentrating their efforts on the primary roads.  The high rate of show accumulation has kept them largely away from being able to clear the secondary and tertiary roads.  They hope to be moving onto these streets in the next few hours, with clean up hopefully complete by mid-morning.  This will likely take longer if additional accumulations this evening prove to be more than an inch or two.

Municipal parking lots were cleared earlier today, but a great deal of snow has fallen since then.  Sidewalk crews will be reporting at 4:00 a.m. to start shoveling public walkways.  Reports indicate that SEPTA has not plowed many of the train station parking lots.

Because temperatures are very low (and will remain so for the next few days), salt and liquid calcium have little effect -- so we are sticking with plows.  For this reason, it will take a lot longer to fully recover from this storm compared to most recent snow storms of this magnitude.


So that's it.  Sorry for the dreary news, but this is what we are facing this evening.



All Lower Merion School District schools and offices will be closed Weds. Jan. 22.




There will be a 2-hour delayed opening for all Lower Merion Township buildings Weds. Jan. 22.


The Jan. 22 committee meetings and special board meeting will start at approximately 6:30pm.  More on those meetings here: http://ow.ly/sNOxb 


Residents with rear-yard collection are asked to move their trash/recycling to the curb for the duration of the storm and its aftermath.




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