Montgomery County's Most Wanted: Warrants for Child Support

The following 11 suspects are wanted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for Warrants in Child Support cases.

Do any of these faces look familiar to you? If so, you could assist the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

These 11 suspects are wanted on warrants extending from child support cases. They are each named (see the photo caption), along with their date of birth, last known town of residence and amount owed in back support.

Those with information on these wanted individuals can submit an E-TIP (by clicking on the blue link) or call the Warrants Unit at 610-278-3340.

Far more than just 11 are wanted in the county for similar warrants. The full list of those with outstanding Domestic Relations Bench Warrants can be found on the Sheriff's Office website here.

You can also view the county's most wanted criminal warrants by clicking here. 

If you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the office at sheriffoffice@montcopa.org.


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