Narberth Borough Leadership Announced

New councilman Charles Silio takes the oath of office from Mayor Tom Grady. Patch photo by J. Finneran
New councilman Charles Silio takes the oath of office from Mayor Tom Grady. Patch photo by J. Finneran

Narberth Borough Council held its 2014 Organizational Meeting, the borough's 60th, on Jan. 6 at the municipal building at 100 Conway Avenue. 

The meeting began just after 8 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance given by the Honor Guard of Narberth’s American Legion Harold D. Speakman Post 356.


First to be sworn in was Mayor Tom Grady, who is undertaking his third term as Mayor of Narberth. Grady was administered the oath of office by special guest District Justice Karen Zucker (see the video here).


Following his own swearing in, Grady administered the oath of office to returning council member Aaron Muderick and new council members Richard Diaz and Charles Silio. Councilman Bob Wegbreit, who won re-election, was absent but will be sworn in at the next borough council meeting.


Next to come was appointment of President and Vice President of council, which were voted upon by the council members. The votes determined that Mike ‘Sam’ Quinn shall continue on as President, and that Aaron Muderick shall continue on as Vice President (see video of Quinn’s oath of office here).


Mayor Grady then administered the oath of office to the borough’s tax collector, Regina Watson, who was re-elected to the position.


The oath of office was then given by Grady to the borough’s new police officer, Matt Belfi, a former Philadelphia police officer (see video here).


Board and Commission members were next sworn in as a group:


Zoning Hearing Board, Three-Year Term: Mike Johnson


Planning Commission, Four-Year Term: Heidi Boise


Shade Tree Commission, Five-Year Term: Frederick C. Hansell, Jr.


Fire Chief, Two-Year Term: Fran Dixon


Deputy Fire Chief, Two-Year Term: William R. Henderson


Recreation Board, Four-Year Term: Linda O’Keefe; Five-Year Term: Jim Quinn


Fire Marshal, Two-Year Term: Mike Kennedy


Narberth Industrial Development, Five-Year Term: Mary Jane MacRae


Vacancy Board, One-Year Term: Jim Speer


(Click here to see video of the group taking their oath of office)



A moment was taken to acknowledge retiring council members Andrea M. Deutsch and Heidi Boise, who were each presented with the gift of a clock for their service to Narberth Borough.


The meeting closed out with the appointment of standing committees, as follows:


Building and Zoning:

Bob Weisbord – Chair

Bob Wegbreit – Vice Chair

Aaron Muderick


Public Safety:

Aaron Muderick – Chair

Richard Diaz – Vice Chair

Mike Alexander


Public Works:

Bob Wegbreit – Chair

Mike Alexander – Vice Chair

Bob Weisbord


Succession Planning Ad Hoc:

Bob Wegbreit – Chair

Aaron Muderick – Vice Chair

Sam Quinn



Richard Diaz – Chair

Bob Weisbord – Vice Chair

Charles Silio


Finance & Administration:

Mike Alexander – Chair

Charles Silio – Vice Chair

Aaron Muderick


Economic Development:

Charles Silio – Chair

Bob Wegbreit – Vice Chair

Richard Diaz


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