Bala Cynwyd Middle School Remembers Jones-Jenkins

LMSD has shared a tribute to Karen Jones-Jenkins, who passed away on Jan. 7.

Karen Jones-Jenkins died on Jan.7  Credit:LMSD.org
Karen Jones-Jenkins died on Jan.7 Credit:LMSD.org

A collection of thoughts and prayers for Karen Jones-Jenkins, the recently-retired Bala Cynwyd Middle School staffer who died on Jan. 7, has been posted on the Lower Merion School District website.


Here are a few excerpts from the posting:



Karen worked with students with autism, intellectual and physical disabilities. Karen loved these kids, and these kids loved her. She understood these students. She had expectations for them, and they met them. She treated them with dignity, kindness and respect, and they responded to her in the exact same way.


When I think of Karen, I can’t help but smile. Karen was the perfect combination of class and sass, dignity and grace. Karen always knew what needed to be done, did what needed to be done and never complained about it. In fact, Karen did it with a smile.


As news of Karen’s passing spread through BC, “classy, dignified, total professional” were used to describe her; her amazing smile and easy laughter were also mentioned.


Feel free to add your own thoughts as a comment below.


Read the original post from the district website here: http://www.lmsd.org/news/article/index.aspx?linkid=2072&moduleid=76


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