Superintendent Discusses How Nor'easter Will Impact School Calendar

Dr. McGinley sent a letter to Lower Merion families.

The following was sent by Dr. Christopher McGinley to Lower Merion families:

Dear LMSD Families,

As you may know, another winter storm has been predicted for our area this week. The storm is forecast to arrive on Wednesday evening and continue through the day on Thursday. There is great uncertainty regarding the forecast, but we need to be prepared for possible impacts to the school day on Thursday and Friday.

As indicated in our previous email to you about the revised 2013-14 school calendar, the next snow day will be made up on June 19 as a half day/early dismissal. Thus, if we have no school Thursday, the make-up day would be June 19. The more challenging scenario comes if there is a need for a late opening on Friday. Friday is already scheduled as a half-day/early dismissal. In the event of a late opening, however, we will extend the school day to regular dismissal time and provide lunch service. Friday's dismissal times -- only in the case of a late opening -- would be 2:45 PM for high schools, 3:05 PM for middle schools and 3:35 PM for elementary schools.

Our objective in preparing for a schedule change on Friday is to preserve spring break and maximize instructional time. If we were to cancel school entirely on Friday after a Thursday closure, we would use Monday, April 14 as the next make-up day. Monday, April 14 is currently scheduled as the first day of spring break.

We realize that no scenario is going to be ideal for all families. We also understand that you may already have plans that would be impacted by any change to the schedule. Please know that we are willing to work with you based on your individual situation. If you have any specific concerns, please contact your school directly.

Hopefully, the forecast will change and the weather will cooperate this week.

Thank you for your patience and consideration, as always.


Dr. Christopher McGinley


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